Monday, November 5, 2007

Dr Sesha Sai's Believe it or Not

During the course of my life journey I found many interesting events in many countries I visited. I found some of them beyong belief of most of us. For the past forty years, God permitted me to tour almost entire India and I thought I should share my views with like minded persons so that they too can enjoy the Acts of Lord. Prior to 2000 such events were recorded and sent to my friends through letters. Many of them are now not available, I shall feel happy if some one who received my letters in the yester years send me a mail or a copy of such letters, so that they too can be placed in the blog. In the meantime some of the available postings are being placed in the blog. I sincerely appeal to the readers to give them comments on reading. Positive and Negative comments are most welcome. I am interested to correct myself whereever need demands.

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