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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 8

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 8
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16th November 2003
I invite your attention to former DR SESHASAI’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT where a mention was made with regard to DAKSHNINA MUKHA NANDI – South facing Bull which was found in excavation at BANGLORE in the state of Karnataka in the recent times. I desire to give you some more details on this since I have visited the place today and had a talk with Shri Prasanna Bhat, the priest of the temple. The temple is now situated in Malleswaram area in Banglore and nearly 5 to 6 kilometers from City Railway Station.

Nearly six years ago one builder tried to construct a huge structure in the site and at the time of commencement of the job, he found a bull carved in granite stone. The news spread rapidly and the local politicians interfered to probe into the matter. When the area was dug, to their surprise they found a stone-carved bull and the mouth of the bull when cleaned, started releasing water. They could not find the source of the water and they put all out efforts to carefully dig the entire site. Ultimately one Linga of Lord Shiva was found on which the water from the mouth of the bull started falling continuously. Against the normal posture of the bull in front of the Lord, the bull is found to be on the head of the linga a little above the linga. They also found a big well and decently constructed pond during excavation. The entire structure was found in an area of nearly 2000 square yards and nearly 20 feet down the ground level. The question is how the water did not flow earlier, if it flowed where it has gone; where from water is being generated continuously today and uninterrupted flow is maintained in all seasons; why and how so much area is covered with mud and since when. Perhaps we have no answers to these questions, but the temple is now well maintained and entire area is cleaned and it gives a divine look.

According to Hindu dharma sastra – the structural architecture, bull should always be in front of Lord and the Lord should either face east or west. Contrary to this the bull is on the head of Lord and is facing South. Perhaps it is the only such bull available in the country as on today and the temple is named as DAKSHINA MUKHA NANDI.

I have visited other places surrounding it, which are declared as protected monuments. Most of them are temples of Lord Shiva and other Vaishnavite Deities. This indicates that the area was a place of worship years ago. Perhaps time has come and we are all fortunate, we are enjoying the most unusual Holy presence of the Lords. The Society should prosper and the mankind should enjoy all natural resources and make their lives fruitful and purposeful. May Lord with whatever name we call, bless us all. DR P V SESHASAI.

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