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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 7

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not -7
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This time I am taking you to certain Indian temple where you find unusual things even today. They are to be believed for the reason any one can physically experience the same and find them as TRUE.
1) Most of you might be aware that there is another important temple for LORD VENKATESWARA and it is Dwaraka Tirumala in West Godavari District of A.P. Thousands of devotees daily visit the temple and take the blessings of the Lord. It is like any other temple elsewhere in the country. Interesting matter is that any one can find a light at the top of the temple even when the temple is closed or it is in dark.
2) One of the Jyothirlingam in Kedar- most of you must have visited the place. It is in Himalayaas. The temple is closed for six months during winter season it is covered totally by snow. No one can reach the temple during the winter since it remains under snow. It is likely closed this year by November 19th or so. While closing the temple, the priests keep a lamp in the temple, lock the temple and leave the place for the reason no one can stay in that area for six months. In summer when the snow is cleared people reopen the temple and usual worshipping takes place for six months covering the summer and rainy seasons. Interesting it is to note that THE LAMP ARRANGED WHILE CLOSING THE TEMPLE FOR SIX LONG MONTHS, REMAINS AS IT IS AT THE TIME OF REOPENING OF THE TEMPLE. Don’t you feel that it is wonder. How a lamp remains under snow for six months in tact is a matter of really wonder.
3) There are five arama kshetraas in Andhra Pradesh of which one is in Samalkot in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The stone carvings in the temple are extraordinary. There is a meeting hall called stone mantapam in the temple. There is one stone pillar in that hall – mantapam and interesting it is the surrounding four pillars move slightly, which indicate that they are not fixed to the ground. Is it not interesting?
4) There is a temple for Lord Vishnu in Simhapoor Village of Orissa State. The main deity is GANGA NARAYANA SWAMY. The Deity is in sleeping posture and always remain under water in the temple tank. Only during Sankranti that is in the month of January the deity is coming up to grant his darshan to the devotees. In other words the divine appearance of the deity takes place during 13th and 14th of January every year.
5) Now I may have to take you to COMBODIA. You find today one of the biggest temples in Ankarwat. Perhaps you may not find such big temple in India. The main deity is Lord Vishnu. For more than 500 years the temple was covered by forest. Perhaps the temple is aged more than a thousand as per rough estimate. During 1860, a scientist by name Henry Muhoot from France discovered this site and to his surprise he found a temple in an area of 2.6 kilometers, perhaps the biggest temple area in the world. Lot of information will be made available to you if possible with photographs in due course of time.
We are trying to get photographs from different sites from (1) to (4) above mentioned and it will be done very shortly. With regard to no (5) we are helpless we can not afford spending huge amount to reach Kampuchia(Combodia). This must have been Kambhoja as per the texts available in India today. We are also trying to visit Sri Lanka during next month to pay our respects to Goddess Shankari – one of the asta dasa sakti peethams. We will also try to get supplementary information further to the information already available from NASA with regard to construction of a bridge between Rameswaram and Srilanka millions of years ago. The photograph is now available and it is being included in the book that is going to be published by us shortly.
We have interest to collect Data – authenticated data of historical importance; we have energy to travel and undertake the strain; we have unbiased vision to collect impartial and proper information; the only problem is paucity of funds. We are unable to bear the expenses concerning these experiments on our own and that is the main reason for the delay in the process. However we assure you that the mission will continue, continue and continue.

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