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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 4

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai’s

Believe it or not-4

Stones, stones…………what is these stones about. Friends, it has to be believed that only stones are revealing the truth. Several hundreds of Fort built by ancient Rajaas speak of their culture, the standard of living of that age, the probable period of construction, and like that. Nothing is permanent, but just it is a matter of time. Stones live for better ages than human being. As such stones are strongly believed to speak truth than scriptures and texts. Some of the idols carved into excellent shapes particularly in Tamilnadu area reveal the dress sense, jewellery fashion etc. Interestingly we find it difficult to rebuild such huge stone structures or make out such beautiful jewellery inspite of the fact that we consider to be in an advanced stage. Instead of trying to fabricate new designs we feel it convinient to copy those eye catching designs from the temples and forts of ancient ages.

Today I prefer to present an excellent stone weighing more than 90 kilograms. We have our own doubts as to whether Lord Krishna really lifted Goverdhan Giri. But then the Holy epic says so, we do not dare to contradict but simply agree since we have faith in the epic.

I request you to visit Hazarath Darga Peer Kamrali near Pune in Maharashtra. You find a huge stone ball weighing little more than 90 kilo grams A group of 11 or 9 or 7 persons involve in the Holy feet of lifting the ball with just their index finger and the ball is lifted so. Looks amazing. It is a fact. The group utter the name as “Hazi Kamrali Darvesh” and start lifting the ball. It is not a rare feet, nor a circus. The just assembled 7 or 9 or 11 index fingers lift the ball to a height of nearly 8 to 9 feet. It is everyday activity in this Darga.

People coming from far off places too enjoy this everyday. Males irrespective of their age can straight participate in this, but for some reasons ladies are not permitted.

Looks like a wonder……… it is a real fact which you can eye witness.

Another interesting news. You may be aware of Sani Singanapore village near Shirdi. There is no door or shutter to any house, office or even bank in that village. You do not find any burglary or theft in this village though none of the houses, offices and even banks do not have doors or shutters. It is believed that Lord Saturn will punish those who try to commit thefts seriously and as such the village is now famous for its openness.

There is another village like this in India. Samalia Village in Orissa state is another such village. The village has nearly 80 houses. People living in this village believe that Karkal Dhakurani is the protecting force and as such they are freely and comfortably maintaining openness.

.There are many such wonders and I am presenting only such items which any one can straight visit and enjoy physically the reality.

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