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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 1

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai’s
Believe it or not-1

Most of you are enjoying SURYAKSHETRA since two decades. You are aware that the paper is being published in English, Hindi and Telugu. A few friends requested me to bring out certain unbelievable truths for their information. Keeping in view of their request initially I thought that I should narrate those wonders which are GOD MADE. So also I thought I can focus on such incidents within our country. But then, my friends started repeating that the wonder is forever a wonder – whether God Made or Man Made. They further said that there should not be a boundary for the area. Keeping in view of the interest expressed by them, I have made up my mind to spend a few more hours of my life for this interesting and worthy topic. As a result today you are seeing this on this little screen. I enjoyed visiting certain areas myself and a few are yet to be visited. I am sure that you will appreciate the pains taken by me to collect the data and present the same before you. Please do not forget to indicate my shortcomings if any so that I may not miss corrections. And now……………….
Divine wonder: I will start these series with LORD GANAPATHI. Today I wish to take you to such a wonder area where pulse can be identified for an idol of LORD GANESH. You might have heard of Kurthalam water falls in Tamilnadu. Siddeswar Peeth in Kruthalam is quite famous and the water falls are believed to cure many ailments. Close to this water fall, you can see MOUNASWAMI MUTT. You can visit NAADI GANAPATHI temple in that area. A few centuries ago a great sage named as Mounaswami while offering prayers to the Lord Ganesh, observed that the idol was making attempts for moving. There were many eye witnesses to that incident that day. Later it was observed that the idol had pulse. Normally for human being pulse is seen at wrist. But pulse is seen for this idol at thy. It can also be heard by any one just like that. The worshippers are in a position to closely observe the beating.

Our friends-scientists are naturally on their job and called experts from related fields to examine the reasons. It is certified that the idol is a solid piece without any hollowness. Ultimately they agreed that there is really something unbelievable and of course saluted the idol and left. Thus I feel like placing this before you so that you can pay a visit to this Holy place in Kurthalam.

Human wonder: Mera Bharat Mahaan- I feel proud saying that Mother India is great giving me an opportunity of taking birth here. Many great sages lived on this Holy Land and struggled hard to show us correct path. This time I refer to Sri Ramachandriah. Maramdoddy village is three kilometers from Pulakurti in Kurnool District of AP. It is also called as Maravibhaktadoddi. Sri Ramachandraih at his 74th year remained quite active and free from any ailment. He remained in SAMADHI for 21 days recently. When he expressed his desire to stay in samadhi for 3 weeks, the villagers made all arrangements for it and created a platform with cement concrete underground. When he entered the chamber the villagers closed it with a huge stone and retained it air tight. The great sage remained in that cage without water and food for 21 days and returned back on 26th November 1997. He is capable of floating himself on water and he attained such a stage where he can drink 2 full buckets of water and vomit the same. Like that he is capable of swallowing 15 meters cloth and then release it outside. MERA BHAARAT MAHAAN-I will be back again soon DR P V SESHA SAI 17TH April 2002
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