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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 11

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 11
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2nd March 2005
You may be aware that information given in this paper is physically available and any one of you are most welcome to visit the places mentioned and enjoy the mysterious secrets on the spot. There are few such mysterious spots elsewhere on the Globe, but I am concentrating only on those spots, which are present in India. I have already furnished information with regard to such places in the past papers. Due to heavy pressure of work I could not concentrate to compose and mail the paper in the recent past. I have been repeatedly receiving requests, as such; I have once again started writing this page.

Most of us know that water comes out from the hilltop is named as Akashganga in Tirupathi. It remained to be a mystery with regard to the exact location where from water is coming out. Interestingly, the continuous water flow in Mahanandi, Paladhara-Panchadhara in Srisailam joins the same category.

You might have seen in the recent past paper about the excavation at Dakshina Mukha Nandi in Banglore.

This time we are visiting Kadri Sri Manjunath Temple in Manglore of Karnataka State. We can see the Havan Kund established by the Holy Sage Sri Parasurama and a cave where the great Pandavaas lived during their Agnathavaasa period. The temple is centrally located just 2 kms from KSRTC bus stand at Manglore. In the temple complex you can see Sri Kasi Bhagirathi Teertham in the shape of cow face. Water is coming out of the mouth of the cow uninterruptedly and irrespective of season. The water is collected in a tank specifically constructed for this purpose. When this becomes one wonder, the other wonder is the prevailing belief about the unbelievable curing capacity of the water for different ailments. Pilgrims consider this as a privilege to take bath in the Holy waters to refresh themselves.

Please do not forget to pay a visit to this Holy temple and DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE BATH AT THE SPOT.

I shall be back again soon………………………………………….

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