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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 2

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai’s

Believe it or not-2

Probably most of you liked BELIEVE IT OR NOT-1. Now I am continuing the same with a few more items:

GOD MADE: It might look like a wonder when idols react like human beings or exhibit themselves with that of human characters. Immediately after NAADI GANESH in Kruthalam, I prefer to mention a line about the KALIYUG VAIKUNTH LORD-LORD OF SEVEN HILLS SRI VENKATESWARA SWAMY in Tirumala. Nearly 200 years ago, priests noticed sweating on the main deity and even today it is seen by many. Well we may not be permitted to examine this since darshan of the Lord itself is taking enough time and that too from a long distance. Perhaps any one who has an opportunity of seeing the Lord for more than 10 to 15 seconds, can be considered very fortunate. As such it is certainly not possible to identify the sweating on the idol. Nothing to be worried, we have such wonderful facts elsewhere too.

It is Gadchiroli District in Maharashtra State. The spot is located nearly 6 km away from Vadsa village. We find 5 such idols, ofcourse, with a little difference. The group of the idols is locally called as Maruvathananda. Any stone if exposed to sun race, naturally turn itself to the heat. These five idols contrary to the natural phenomenon remains ice cool if kept under sun race. It is also found that the idols turn out to a different colour then. Interestingly in the night the idols sweat as that of a human being and it can be sensed by us with a touch. Offerings are made to these idols locally in a great festive mood in the second week of December every year.

Something unique- persons who have no taste of going to such interior villages, can well visit RYALI in west Godavari District of Andhar Pradesh. Jaganmohini temple is quite famous in these parts. Interestingly, a drop of water is seen at the lotus sri charan of the main deity and only one drop is available for every worshipper. In other words a drop of water take birth for every individual worshipper. To say, the idol generates one drop of water and refill the area. Looks like a wonder-please visit and write to me.

One more interesting event I wish to place before you. Have you ever seen a scorpion not biting a human being. The natural tendency of a scorpion is that it bites for no reason. Perhaps it is the only creature which look forward for biting just like that. But the area to which I am taking you is such a great area where scorpion does not bite. Children too carry scorpions on their body as freely as possible just like that. For this we have to go to Rourkey. The place is Kaliyaar and Amroh Village group. There is a Ashram established by one Sayeed a few hundreds of years ago at Kaliyaar and another Sayeed established one more ashram at Amroh. There are thousands of scorpions of different sizes and different colours in the Kaliyaar Ashram and they run here and there as freely as possible. Every visitor can enjoy taking a scorpion of his choice size into his hands or onto his body and feel the uniqueness. They can go for the rare phtotographs with the poisonous scorpions. Perhaps there is no such wonderland elsewhere on the globe with such a mild and pious temper amongst the utmost and deadly species. After visiting the Ashram and Kaliyaar, one may visit Amroh Ashram for eye witnessing the donkeys behaving rarely. The story behind this and the wonder land details can be read in the next paper.

In this issue I am not taking care of MAN MADE WONDERS. Just wait for one more week and I am with you again with the remaining part of the Amroh and a few more.

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