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Dr Sesha Sai's Believe it or not - 14

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19th February 2009


My dear friends and like minded persons

You might have seen this paper after a very very long gap. It is not a fact that there was no matter to be brought to your notice, it is surely a fact that I am not keeping well in health and could not upkeep the information. Any way I am bringing a very strange incident that has occurred to me. It is also a fact that I am a God believer and I trust HIM and HIS existence. I was unable to move even a few yards in the recent past due to heavy congestion in the chest. Many doctors examined the case and nothing could be specifically diagnosed clearly. Still I am under medical care, but due to weakness towards performing of Yagnaas, I could not sit at home. I have been blessed to perform Holy Yagna in almost all parts of the country which was numbered to 1003 by 29th January 2009. I consider this as an unusual blessing showered on me and my wife.

Under the circumstances, circumstances inspired to leave for Jajpur – once upon a time the capital of Orissa and one of the Shakti Peethams in the name of Goddess Viraja Devi. The trip was planned from Hyderabad on 30th January by Konark Express towards Bhubaneswar. The expected time of departure of the train was around 7.30 a.m. on 30th January 2009.

Around 2.00 p.m. there was a call from Shri Jagannadhachary who helped me in construction of the Yagna Kundaas in the historical Shri Aswamedhayaagam during 2005. He asked me as to why I sent a message to him from my cell three times during the day. He thought that the matter was urgent as such he contacted me soon after his work at 2.00 p.m. on 29th January 2009. I was surprised to see his call, neither had I had his number nor I was so close to him to call him or send a message, apart from all that I was never in the habit of sending SMS to any one for such reasons as told by him. I told him that there would have been something with both the mobiles and I clearly indicated that I did not possess him number. He could not abruptly disconnect but then asked me about my health and about my tours. I told him that I was not keeping well since July 2008 and further told him that I was planning to leave for Puri Jagannath on 30th.

He expressed his desire to take the darshan of Puri Jagannath Lord and desired to join me in the trip. I asked him to try for his tickets as it would be extremely difficult to get tickets in that eleventh hour journey. Around 4.00 p.m. in the evening he called me and informed me that he got his tickets booked but it was in a long queue in the waiting list. I told him that it is Lord Wish and therefore nothing to worry about his berth or for any other thing during journey.

30th January we reached the Railway station where we met Shri Achary who showed us his cell phone where three SMS were found in my name using my cell phone number and we checked up my cell phone and surprisingly there were no sent messages or dialed numbers relating to the number shown by Shri Achary. We thought it is Lord Puri Jagannathji wish as such HE directed Jagannadhaacary to assist me during this particular trip so that I could successfully complete the five Holy Yagnaas in different places and we did it accordingly and our 1008th Yagna was in our dream place Mandapalli – Lord Sani temple in West Godavari Dist that too on Sani Trayodasi Day which comes once or twice a year and entry into the temple remains to be a Herculean task on that day. We had done the Yagna in a very peaceful atmosphere and fulfilled our dreams. Don’t believe what all I wrote? – You have to and the messages in the cell phone are saved to the memory as an unusual remembrance and history in our lives.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 13

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 12
Dr P V Sesha Sai
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25th July 2005
You may be aware that information given in this paper is physically available and any one of you are most welcome to visit the places mentioned and enjoy the mysterious secrets on the spot.

This time I am taking you along with me to the Holy Mount Muktinadh Dham in Nepal which is around 14000 –15000 ft above sea level. There are two ways to reach this place. One may walk all the way through the tough heights nearly for 6 days. The second one is based on PURE LUCK. If weather permits, helicopter will fly and only five passengers are permitted. In the absence of five passengers, it will not fly. The day we visited the place fortunately it flied when people who booked their tickets earlier 4 days and above watching this with tears. They stayed there spending huge amounts for hotel. The Helicopter fly from POKRA AIRPORT.

Now what is interesting is- 1) No ice is melting near around, and the temple of Lord Muktinadh is on the top of the hill. The hill gives a barren look but then it is a matter of surprise as to how 36 x 36 inches water is flowing from the lotus feet of the Lord just like that. The speed of the water of RIVER GANDAKI is worth watching.

2) Botany specifies that peaple (Aswatha or Ravi) tree does not grow above 1000 ft sea level or sometimes 2000ft. You will simply surprise- there are atleast 10 trees – the only group of trees on that hill at a high altitude of 14000-15000 ft.

3) Just a few yards from the temple, you will find fire coming out of water and land ie jwalaa mukhi – jala jwala mukhi and pridhvi jwaala mukhi. The fire is coming out of water and land continuously for the past – the origin is unknown. Is it not interesting?

What is not interesting in the creation of God. The heart beat; the senses; the death of all the living being and non-living being too -------what a wonder.

One caution – before you reach POKRA make sure about the weather else all your efforts remain in waste.

I shall be back again soon………………………………………….

Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 12

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 12
Dr P V Sesha Sai
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12th April 2005

Today, dear friends, I enjoyed the privilege of visiting a nice place – MASTYA GIRI situated around 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. The place is in Valigonda mandal in Nalgonda district and accessible by road through Uppal, Bhongir on Warangal high way. Let us see the greatness of the area and how it is fit into this paper though we have today covered another place by name Jeedikallu in Warangal/Nalgonda Districts and in equal distance from Hyderabad.

Firstly the location is situated 600 feet above ground level and the Government has laid a pucca road perhaps half the way to the top. As in Bhongir, the entire hillock is a single hard rock stone and on the top of it there is a pond divided into four parts. According to the local priest, the depth of the first pond is unknown; the second ponds depth is assessed as 40-50 feet, the third and fourth ponds are of comfortable depth where the pilgrims can take bath. All the four ponds are interconnected. The water when we reached the spot is in greenish color, and it is ready to take the shape of brown color in May and later into dark black and from July into plain color. It is called Mastya giri for the reason LORD NARASIMHA SWAMY – an incarnation of Lord Naarayan present himself to the devotees in the form of a unusual fish with a upper elevated trichurna lines as followed by vaishnavites. We have seen big mustaches for the fish as is normally seen in the pictures of Lord Narasimha Swamy. The fish comes out when we put some eatables into the pond.

Secondly the water of this pond is believed to be a wonder drug for several ailments inclusive of a protective remedy for the farm lands etc.

Finally there is no idol of Lord at this spot excepting a temple under Endowments board and fish like stone, which is worshipped in the name of Lord.

Wonder it is, the water does not get dried up in any season and the level is constant excepting in rainy season where the level of water raises by another four feet. Where from the water is coming and where does the water go remains to be a mystery, but then the water is constant and does not spoiled inspite of several thousands taking bath in it.

Unfortunate it is, the area is not developed to a level where many keep themselves comfortable to visit this Holy spot. HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI

Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 11

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 11
Dr P V Sesha Sai
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2nd March 2005
You may be aware that information given in this paper is physically available and any one of you are most welcome to visit the places mentioned and enjoy the mysterious secrets on the spot. There are few such mysterious spots elsewhere on the Globe, but I am concentrating only on those spots, which are present in India. I have already furnished information with regard to such places in the past papers. Due to heavy pressure of work I could not concentrate to compose and mail the paper in the recent past. I have been repeatedly receiving requests, as such; I have once again started writing this page.

Most of us know that water comes out from the hilltop is named as Akashganga in Tirupathi. It remained to be a mystery with regard to the exact location where from water is coming out. Interestingly, the continuous water flow in Mahanandi, Paladhara-Panchadhara in Srisailam joins the same category.

You might have seen in the recent past paper about the excavation at Dakshina Mukha Nandi in Banglore.

This time we are visiting Kadri Sri Manjunath Temple in Manglore of Karnataka State. We can see the Havan Kund established by the Holy Sage Sri Parasurama and a cave where the great Pandavaas lived during their Agnathavaasa period. The temple is centrally located just 2 kms from KSRTC bus stand at Manglore. In the temple complex you can see Sri Kasi Bhagirathi Teertham in the shape of cow face. Water is coming out of the mouth of the cow uninterruptedly and irrespective of season. The water is collected in a tank specifically constructed for this purpose. When this becomes one wonder, the other wonder is the prevailing belief about the unbelievable curing capacity of the water for different ailments. Pilgrims consider this as a privilege to take bath in the Holy waters to refresh themselves.

Please do not forget to pay a visit to this Holy temple and DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE BATH AT THE SPOT.

I shall be back again soon………………………………………….

Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 10

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 10
Dr P V Sesha Sai
1-9-52/F/3 MCH No 2859
Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020
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1st March 2005

Are you sure of burning lamps without the support of any kind of oil or gas, for that matter any such? We do not trust all this, for the reason, the known sciences and limited logical reasoning acquired by us, do not agree for such things. It appears to be a quite baseless topic due to its unusual nature. But then, you have to agree that such unusual things are present in our country, which can be physically eye witnessed by us any time.

The Discovery channel of the TV is making many researches in India to know how such unusual things are occurring and the mystery behind them. When we see the channel, normally spirits in different countries are photographed and presented with an authenticated proof. In India the divine presentations are many and no place in India is exempted when areas are selected in other countries. Each village in this country speaks of its history and the greatness behind it No need to boost much of the greatness of our country at this stage. Any way, I am entering into the topic with which I started this page.

Now let us go to Chigalli Village in Mangogaad Taluk situated 59 km away from Sabari Malai in Kerala State. One Mrs. Sarada Bai nearly 25 years ago lit three lamps perhaps in 1979 and since then the three lamps are burning without support of any oil etc. It appears Dr Sayeed of Cosmic Conscious Center visited this place and said that it is some thing unusual and divine. One of the Central Ministers too visited this place and surprised. Even HH Dalailama too visited this place and expressed that these three lamps are nothing but the Divine lights of the Lord.

Smt Sarada Bai, who actually lit the lamps reached the Lotus feet of the Lord on 12th May 1994, still the lamps are as they were initially at the time they were lit.

Don’t believe this, you may try to visit the spot any time of your choice. Since they are burning for the past 25 years, they may grant us an opportunity in future too.

In due course of time, let us examine HOW PRAN PRATISHTA as per Hindu sciences permit even granite stone carved Lords with a heart beat.

I shall be back again soon………………………………………….

Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 8

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 8
Dr P V Sesha Sai
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16th November 2003
I invite your attention to former DR SESHASAI’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT where a mention was made with regard to DAKSHNINA MUKHA NANDI – South facing Bull which was found in excavation at BANGLORE in the state of Karnataka in the recent times. I desire to give you some more details on this since I have visited the place today and had a talk with Shri Prasanna Bhat, the priest of the temple. The temple is now situated in Malleswaram area in Banglore and nearly 5 to 6 kilometers from City Railway Station.

Nearly six years ago one builder tried to construct a huge structure in the site and at the time of commencement of the job, he found a bull carved in granite stone. The news spread rapidly and the local politicians interfered to probe into the matter. When the area was dug, to their surprise they found a stone-carved bull and the mouth of the bull when cleaned, started releasing water. They could not find the source of the water and they put all out efforts to carefully dig the entire site. Ultimately one Linga of Lord Shiva was found on which the water from the mouth of the bull started falling continuously. Against the normal posture of the bull in front of the Lord, the bull is found to be on the head of the linga a little above the linga. They also found a big well and decently constructed pond during excavation. The entire structure was found in an area of nearly 2000 square yards and nearly 20 feet down the ground level. The question is how the water did not flow earlier, if it flowed where it has gone; where from water is being generated continuously today and uninterrupted flow is maintained in all seasons; why and how so much area is covered with mud and since when. Perhaps we have no answers to these questions, but the temple is now well maintained and entire area is cleaned and it gives a divine look.

According to Hindu dharma sastra – the structural architecture, bull should always be in front of Lord and the Lord should either face east or west. Contrary to this the bull is on the head of Lord and is facing South. Perhaps it is the only such bull available in the country as on today and the temple is named as DAKSHINA MUKHA NANDI.

I have visited other places surrounding it, which are declared as protected monuments. Most of them are temples of Lord Shiva and other Vaishnavite Deities. This indicates that the area was a place of worship years ago. Perhaps time has come and we are all fortunate, we are enjoying the most unusual Holy presence of the Lords. The Society should prosper and the mankind should enjoy all natural resources and make their lives fruitful and purposeful. May Lord with whatever name we call, bless us all. DR P V SESHASAI.