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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 13

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 12
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25th July 2005
You may be aware that information given in this paper is physically available and any one of you are most welcome to visit the places mentioned and enjoy the mysterious secrets on the spot.

This time I am taking you along with me to the Holy Mount Muktinadh Dham in Nepal which is around 14000 –15000 ft above sea level. There are two ways to reach this place. One may walk all the way through the tough heights nearly for 6 days. The second one is based on PURE LUCK. If weather permits, helicopter will fly and only five passengers are permitted. In the absence of five passengers, it will not fly. The day we visited the place fortunately it flied when people who booked their tickets earlier 4 days and above watching this with tears. They stayed there spending huge amounts for hotel. The Helicopter fly from POKRA AIRPORT.

Now what is interesting is- 1) No ice is melting near around, and the temple of Lord Muktinadh is on the top of the hill. The hill gives a barren look but then it is a matter of surprise as to how 36 x 36 inches water is flowing from the lotus feet of the Lord just like that. The speed of the water of RIVER GANDAKI is worth watching.

2) Botany specifies that peaple (Aswatha or Ravi) tree does not grow above 1000 ft sea level or sometimes 2000ft. You will simply surprise- there are atleast 10 trees – the only group of trees on that hill at a high altitude of 14000-15000 ft.

3) Just a few yards from the temple, you will find fire coming out of water and land ie jwalaa mukhi – jala jwala mukhi and pridhvi jwaala mukhi. The fire is coming out of water and land continuously for the past – the origin is unknown. Is it not interesting?

What is not interesting in the creation of God. The heart beat; the senses; the death of all the living being and non-living being too -------what a wonder.

One caution – before you reach POKRA make sure about the weather else all your efforts remain in waste.

I shall be back again soon………………………………………….

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