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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 12

Dr Seshasai’s Believe it or not - 12
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12th April 2005

Today, dear friends, I enjoyed the privilege of visiting a nice place – MASTYA GIRI situated around 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. The place is in Valigonda mandal in Nalgonda district and accessible by road through Uppal, Bhongir on Warangal high way. Let us see the greatness of the area and how it is fit into this paper though we have today covered another place by name Jeedikallu in Warangal/Nalgonda Districts and in equal distance from Hyderabad.

Firstly the location is situated 600 feet above ground level and the Government has laid a pucca road perhaps half the way to the top. As in Bhongir, the entire hillock is a single hard rock stone and on the top of it there is a pond divided into four parts. According to the local priest, the depth of the first pond is unknown; the second ponds depth is assessed as 40-50 feet, the third and fourth ponds are of comfortable depth where the pilgrims can take bath. All the four ponds are interconnected. The water when we reached the spot is in greenish color, and it is ready to take the shape of brown color in May and later into dark black and from July into plain color. It is called Mastya giri for the reason LORD NARASIMHA SWAMY – an incarnation of Lord Naarayan present himself to the devotees in the form of a unusual fish with a upper elevated trichurna lines as followed by vaishnavites. We have seen big mustaches for the fish as is normally seen in the pictures of Lord Narasimha Swamy. The fish comes out when we put some eatables into the pond.

Secondly the water of this pond is believed to be a wonder drug for several ailments inclusive of a protective remedy for the farm lands etc.

Finally there is no idol of Lord at this spot excepting a temple under Endowments board and fish like stone, which is worshipped in the name of Lord.

Wonder it is, the water does not get dried up in any season and the level is constant excepting in rainy season where the level of water raises by another four feet. Where from the water is coming and where does the water go remains to be a mystery, but then the water is constant and does not spoiled inspite of several thousands taking bath in it.

Unfortunate it is, the area is not developed to a level where many keep themselves comfortable to visit this Holy spot. HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI

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