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Dr Sesha Sai's believe it or not 3

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai’s

Believe it or not-3

This time I am interested to take you to Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh. I am sure that none of you must have heard of a stone bed with unusual powers. We may disagree if someone say that the stone bed can cure several illnesses, ofcourse, no scientist agrees. But then it is a fact.

It is certainly not a blind belief. I am giving hereunder a brief history of the same. We may have to visit Gummagudda Mandal in Rayadurg Taluk of Anantapur District. The stone bed is in the outskirts of 75veerapuram village. It is very very beautifully carved centuries ago. We find such stone beds in Mysore Mahaaraja Palace; in a few places in Shimoga district of Karnataka State. The Archeological departmental heads confirm that such stone beds are rarely found.

It is nearly six and a half feet and four and a half feet dimensions. The height of it is nearly 2 feet. Two pillows too are carved on this bed. The Villagers of Veerapuram consider this bed as a boon for the village. They believe that any ailment particularly for the children gets cured fast if the child is laid down on the bed for sometime. They also believe that their village is enjoying timely rains, good crop and all comforts only on account of the stone bed. This stone bed is situated nearer to Lord Hanuman Temple in the village.

One unusual belief is that any childless couple is blessed with children if special prayers are offered to this stone bed for 41 days. The visitors and the research staff do agree that there is something really unusual in this bed. They desired to shift this item to the museum. Incidentally they faced strong protest against this move from the villagers and as such they are forced to retain the stone bed only in the village and it can be by us even today.

Perhaps we may have to agree some times, when the belief of Hindus is such that the Lord in different forms and names is being worshipped in the form of a stone in several thousands of temples in India and the deity blessings are sought, why not a stone in the form of bed be worshipped for children and freedom from ailments.

Right now I am taking you to the neighboring state-MAHARASHTRA. Most of us offer food to the deities we worship. We do not know whether half a Kilogram of Modak is just sufficient to Lord Ganesh, still we offer with all respect. We might not have experienced that the Lord himself eating the offerings. But Lord Shiva in the name of Bhuleswar Baaba accepts a few items and is seen physically by any devotee.

The temple is situated in the Sahyadri in Maharashtra state. The construction of the temple itself is a wonder. The stone carvings in this temple show us how our ancient people lived in India and with what dignity and capability. Today we may not dare thinking of constructing a temple as that of a temple of ancient ages situated either in Kashmir or in Kanyakumari . We have to agree that ancient architects of India are far superior than the present day so called technical post graduates etc.

Back to the Lord in the temple, Lord Shiva face is put onto the Linga in the temple. Normally sweets are offered to the Lord. The priest keeps all such offerings in a small bow and covers the same with the Lord Shiva face. The belief is that any person so doing can pray Lord for fulfillment of his desires and when the bowl is brought back from the coverage of the Lord Shiva face, if the sweets are missing, the desire is said to have been signaled for fulfillment and if the sweets are undisturbed, it is otherwise.
Many have visited the place to unlock the secret if any, incidentally no clue is found to the missing items nor there is a way for such missing. It is still an unsolved mystery and the belief is gaining strength day by day.

I am yet to cover the topic half ended in No.2. Kindly grant me an opportunity to complete it shortly.
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