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Dr Sesha Sai's Believe it or not - 14

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19th February 2009


My dear friends and like minded persons

You might have seen this paper after a very very long gap. It is not a fact that there was no matter to be brought to your notice, it is surely a fact that I am not keeping well in health and could not upkeep the information. Any way I am bringing a very strange incident that has occurred to me. It is also a fact that I am a God believer and I trust HIM and HIS existence. I was unable to move even a few yards in the recent past due to heavy congestion in the chest. Many doctors examined the case and nothing could be specifically diagnosed clearly. Still I am under medical care, but due to weakness towards performing of Yagnaas, I could not sit at home. I have been blessed to perform Holy Yagna in almost all parts of the country which was numbered to 1003 by 29th January 2009. I consider this as an unusual blessing showered on me and my wife.

Under the circumstances, circumstances inspired to leave for Jajpur – once upon a time the capital of Orissa and one of the Shakti Peethams in the name of Goddess Viraja Devi. The trip was planned from Hyderabad on 30th January by Konark Express towards Bhubaneswar. The expected time of departure of the train was around 7.30 a.m. on 30th January 2009.

Around 2.00 p.m. there was a call from Shri Jagannadhachary who helped me in construction of the Yagna Kundaas in the historical Shri Aswamedhayaagam during 2005. He asked me as to why I sent a message to him from my cell three times during the day. He thought that the matter was urgent as such he contacted me soon after his work at 2.00 p.m. on 29th January 2009. I was surprised to see his call, neither had I had his number nor I was so close to him to call him or send a message, apart from all that I was never in the habit of sending SMS to any one for such reasons as told by him. I told him that there would have been something with both the mobiles and I clearly indicated that I did not possess him number. He could not abruptly disconnect but then asked me about my health and about my tours. I told him that I was not keeping well since July 2008 and further told him that I was planning to leave for Puri Jagannath on 30th.

He expressed his desire to take the darshan of Puri Jagannath Lord and desired to join me in the trip. I asked him to try for his tickets as it would be extremely difficult to get tickets in that eleventh hour journey. Around 4.00 p.m. in the evening he called me and informed me that he got his tickets booked but it was in a long queue in the waiting list. I told him that it is Lord Wish and therefore nothing to worry about his berth or for any other thing during journey.

30th January we reached the Railway station where we met Shri Achary who showed us his cell phone where three SMS were found in my name using my cell phone number and we checked up my cell phone and surprisingly there were no sent messages or dialed numbers relating to the number shown by Shri Achary. We thought it is Lord Puri Jagannathji wish as such HE directed Jagannadhaacary to assist me during this particular trip so that I could successfully complete the five Holy Yagnaas in different places and we did it accordingly and our 1008th Yagna was in our dream place Mandapalli – Lord Sani temple in West Godavari Dist that too on Sani Trayodasi Day which comes once or twice a year and entry into the temple remains to be a Herculean task on that day. We had done the Yagna in a very peaceful atmosphere and fulfilled our dreams. Don’t believe what all I wrote? – You have to and the messages in the cell phone are saved to the memory as an unusual remembrance and history in our lives.

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